June 8 Conspiracy Calendar
June 8 Conspiracy Calendar

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Japanese Traditional Calendar
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  • July 21, 1923 - US Ambassador Cyrus Woods presents his credentials to the Emperor.
  • July 16, 1945 - The government-run lottery is initiated in Japan.
    Although the lottery was nicknamed "jackpot", Japan surrendered before the drawing of the lottery.
  • July 16, 1945 - The world's first atomic bomb is successfully tested in New Mexico.
    Manhattan Project: the Atomic Age begins when the United States successfully detonates a plutonium-based test nuclear weapon at the Trinity site near Alamogordo, New Mexico.

    Trinity was the code name of the nuclear weapons test. But the exact origin of the name is unknown. For Japanese, however, "Trinity" is a well-known catch phrase though few of them are Christians.

    I have already taken up the issues, in the site of "Japan's Conspiracy", on the "Trinity Reform" by then Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi. But unfortunately I was confused. I couldn't reach a conclusion at that time.

    But now I am convinced that the "trinity" indicated the three events below;

    1. The first government-run lottery in Japan.
    2. "Fundamental Policy to be henceforth in the Conduct of War" which was adopted by a Japanese imperial conference.
    3. The Manhattan Project at the Trinity site.

    First of all, World War II was a fake war. And there was a variety of date puns in the warfare. In this case, as the word "trinity" shows, there were three related events. And it took only a short time for me to understand the secret message.

    The secret message was "to extort cash money from ordinary but naive Japanese". Japan's conspiracy is originally nasty and insidious, but there had never been this evilness before. The Japanese government aimed to make humongous profits by burning many houses, and a lot of banknotes at the same time, under the bombing of fire bombs and atomic bombs.

    Bank passbooks are just certificates and they can be reissued any time. So, the Japanese government hoped that more people would withdraw more money and that they would hold cash money in their houses. In fact at that time, the national debt burden of the Japanese government was huge. And naturally, ordinary people owned a lot of bank deposit and the government bond.

    Unfortunately, however, both bank deposits and government bonds can be reissued. Nevertheless, the Japanese government really hoped that a lot of cash money would be kept in houses. But the government could neither beg nor coerce people to put a lot of cash money in their houses with a straight face. Instead, the government fascinated many people with a new government-run lottery and let them keep the lottery tickets in their houses.

    It was soon after that the Japanese archipelago became burnt ruins due to atomic bombings and decisive battles. This scenario was the trinity. In fact, there have been no information about the lottery profits though it was obvious that the government earned a humongous amount of profits. It was really an evil conspiracy. Some Americans were Japanese collaborators, for sure. Koizumi obviously had a political circus insinuating this evil conspiracy.

    (Ref) Oppenheimer is often called the "father of the atomic bomb" and the origin of the code name "Trinity" is often attributed to him. But He was Japanese. On the 100th anniversary of Oppenheimer's birth, there was a series of conspiracy, including a train explosion in North Korea, former US President Ronald Reagan's funeral and Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi's squeal. Oppenheimer and German Nazi SS senior officer Reinhard Heydrich shared the same birthday in the Japanese calendar. Reinhard was Japanese, too.

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