February 28 Conspiracy Calendar
February 28 Conspiracy Calendar

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  • 1972 - The Asama-Sanso incident ends in Japan.
    The incident began on February 19, 1972, when five members of the United Red Army (URA), following a bloody purge that left 14 members of the group plus one bystander dead, broke into a holiday lodge below Mount Asama, taking the wife of the lodge-keeper as a hostage. A standoff between police and the URA radicals took place, lasting ten days. The lodge was a natural fortress, solidly constructed of thick concrete on a steep hillside with only one entrance, which, along with their guns, enabled the hostage-takers to keep police at a distance.

    On February 28, the police stormed the lodge. Two police officers were killed in the assault, but the hostage was rescued and the URA radicals were taken into custody. The incident contributed to a decline in popularity of leftist movements in Japan.

    The incident must have been a fake event which was manipulated by the Japanese army and police. The day was the 100th anniversary of the installation of the Ministry of War and Ministry of the Navy (February 28, 1872 in the Japanese calendar). (This plot was one of typical Japanese tactics, "Hero-of-justice Tactic").
  • 1999 - Japan's first organ transplantation after the diagnosis of brain death.
    A man is diagnosed as brain death in Kochi prefecture. As he carries the donor card, the physicians call the transplantation coordinator, and donor's heart, lever, and other organs are removed.
  • 2012 - The Japanese police raid offices related to a pro-Pyongyang organization in Japan.
    The day is the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking and also the 100th anniversary of the birth of former President of North Korea Kim Il-sung (February 28, 1912 in the Japanese calendar).
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